Why the Middle Class Millionaire Plan?

Only 5% of Americans attain financial independence. This book will show you the secrets of how to reach financial independence. It's time to join the 5%.

What You Will Learn

To become financially independent, you must turn part of your income into capital; turn capital into enterprise; turn enterprise into profit; turn profit into investment; and turn investment into financial independence. – Jim Rohn

The 3 Great Myths about Money

Don't let these 3 great myths hold you back from smart financial decisions.

3 Golden Rules for Financial Independence

Our strategy focuses on the Golden Rule.

3 Stages of YOU

This book will guide you through a journey of the 3 Stages of YOU

How to CREATE Tax Free Income

Generating income is half the battle - keeping it is the other half.

How to eliminate YOUR partnership with the Government

Are you ready to achieve financial independence?

How to manage your assets for maximum return

Achieve maximum tax advantaged growth and return

Karl Schilling

Karl Schilling

The Founder of the Advocacy network has over 44 years' experience in the Financial Services, Resort Real Estate, Business and Sales Coaching industries. Karl was one of the initial certified trainers for the classic Earl Nightingale Lead the Field program. In 2009 he raised over $23M in capital for small micro-cap issuers. Presently he consults for both public entities advising on capital raise concepts as well as those seeking to go public.

  • Founder of the Advocacy Network
  • Author of 3 acclaimed books
  • Certified Financial Education Instructor

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